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Cancer Research Fundraising Day

Philippa Lambert / 31st October 2017

Friday saw an exciting day of fundraising activities for Cancer Research which is our chosen charity for this year. From McDonalds breakfast to party games everyone took part and showed amazing support! Congratulations to those who won prizes for various activities during the day đŸ™‚ Throughout the year we have been raising money for Cancer Research…


5 years of service at Venta – Caleb Ware!

Philippa Lambert / 16th October 2017

Congratulations Caleb Ware on your 5 years of service at Venta Global! During his time here Caleb has seen a complete office refit, including a new kitchen, introduction to company lunches, 2 x company logo re-brands, extension to the building and a new ERP system. In response to ‘What makes you come to work each day?’ he…

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