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A Helpful Guide to IP Ratings

Philippa Lambert / 8th June 2021

I’m sure you’ll agree that the term ‘waterproof’ is a generic and rather vague marketing term that actually doesn’t tell us a great deal!   So, let’s take a look at IP ratings. IP stands for Ingress Protection, although sometimes it’s referred to as “International Protection”. IP ratings are used to define levels of sealing…

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What is Kelvin Colour Temperature?

Philippa Lambert / 27th July 2020

You’ve probably heard Kelvin come up in relation to light colour, and it’s also littered throughout this website. It’s one of those things, someone says ‘this light is 3000 Kelvins’ and you just politely nod in agreement, meanwhile your imagination conjures up a picture of 3000 men called Kelvin. So let’s find out what it…

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What is Rappid? And why do you want it?

Philippa Lambert / 3rd October 2016

Rappid is our latest wiring technology – It’s SuperSeal’s big brother! With its oil coated seals, it takes just 7 seconds to create a perfect, waterproof connection – thus removing the electrical bay bottleneck. The speed and durability of Rappid makes it a cost effective loom system, which is totally serviceable in the field. And…

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