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Venta has grown out of a company that boasts many years of experience in providing technological solutions across a broad market sector.

We have used our established expertise to meet the complex and varied needs of our customer base. Over the years we have developed a real insight into how our customers utilise our products in day to day life. This gives us the confidence that, by working closely with our clients, we are best placed to interpret and fulfill their requirements.

Our Vision

To become the brand of preference, trusted for every requirement in our sphere of operation.

Our Mission

To be a dynamic, forward-thinking and structured company. To excel in providing solutions through interpreting and responding to the demands of our customers. To ensure mutually beneficial, lasting business relationships.

Our Values


  • We attract and retain top talent by providing an excellent working environment for our staff.
  • Our team feel valued, and value each other. They come to work because they want to and because they enjoy their job.
  • Everyone has a voice, and everyone’s place in the company is important.
  • We are a diverse team, where everyone is a leader.


  • We have a culture of innovation and creativity, embracing new technologies in all areas of our business.
  • We thrive on developing bespoke customer-specific lighting solutions.


  • We commit ourselves to tell the truth… always.
  • We are here for the long haul and are financially sound.
  • We are constantly analysing market trends, new legislation and the global economy.


  • Our team is modest and humble, we listen to our clients to ensure we deliver what is best for them.
  • We strive to have long lasting relationships with our clients, we are willing to work alongside them to achieve win-win outcomes.

Meet the team

We are a friendly and close-knit team that put the values of our customers first. We endeavour to maintain lasting relationships with our clients and produce only the highest standard of success.

Join our team

We are always looking to be better, to expand and advance- that goes for our team too. If you like the sound of our values and think that you would like to work with us, please take a look at our latest career opportunities.

Please call us on +44 (0)1962 88 44 44 or Email us

The Venta Lighting Team are here to help meet all your lighting requirements.